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            Welcome: Dongguan Jiezheng Mold Products Co.,LTD.
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            Changan mould industry will realize leap-forward development

                    Learned, dongguan changan town, the preparation of the national mold product quality supervision and inspection center project planning and design has been completed and is in the preliminary works such as project, for the end of 2015 or early 2016 to complete construction and put into trial operation.
                   National mold product quality supervision and inspection center project in south China is the only national hardware mold inspection agencies, some experts pointed out that the role of the agency for the whole of changan, is it for the whole mold industry agglomeration, promoting effect, have very good promotion for the whole south China mold and die industry. Changan town mould inspection centre positioning for the leading domestic, international advanced research testing agencies, to detect as the basis, provide enterprises with include training, certification, standardization, precision machining, such as one-stop quality technical services. The development of this project will make changan town mold industry to realize leap-forward development.


            Mold industry development by leaps and bounds

                 So the mould counterparts should be actively involved in the national, provincial, municipal, local standard created inside, so can make my own business in the active position in competition.


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