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            • welcome to Jiezhen Mold

            • Outstanding mold manufacturing technology

            • Build your high quality mold

            About us

            Set product development design, mold manufacturing, injection molding processing in the integration of mold manufacturers. The specialty is engaged in the plastic mold more than 20 years of technical precipitation and accumulation of experience, to provide you with reasonable price, good quality, rapid mould manufacturing solutions.

            Mold design

            Plastic mold, metal mold development, design and manufacturing

            Mould manufacturing

            Auto mould, export mould, double color mould, IMD mould, on IML mold, gas-assisted mold, rapid mould, the production mould


            Injection molding, extrusion, surface treatment, assembly

            Why choose Us?

            Powerful processing and design team, have a successful cooperation experience, standardized operation system, hundred whole-hearted service, satisfied after-sale perfect quickly

            If you need to go beyond what you expect of mould manufacturing, if you need a long-term cooperation and trust processing team, so please contact us, we are looking forward to your call!.

            Our Advantage


            Adhering to the quality control process, Quickly and fast delivery time and competitive price for the idea
            Motives Provide Services

            Reasonable price

            In the guarantee quality at the same time, to provide you with the absolute price advantage.

            Development innovation

            Novel design, bold innovation thought, flexible use of the latest technology.

            Excellent quality

            Product quality strictly controlled, fully guarantee the quality of products, follow-up sales

            Quick delivery

            Fast delivery, perfect after-sales service

            Product display


            Years in Business




            Satisfied Customers


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            LED lamp shell processing

            Large LED lamp base stents

            Auto grille mold

            Auto grille mold

            Auto lamp plastic moulds

            Steam iron

            Electric iron shell

            Surface TV

            Store content box

            The door handle

            Auto mould rack

            Car interior plastic mould

            Production workshop

            The advanced production equipment, smooth process flow, exquisite processing technology

            CNC Machining Center

            EDM Machining Center

            Injection Department

            Product Department

            You are the heart of the bursts of it?Contact us immediately!

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            Are you ready to start your project? Give us a call or drop us a line.






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